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Interested in our pups?
When and if you become interested in one of our puppies, the first thing to do is to fill out our application and send it to us through email:   

Second step is to place a deposit. I will NOT hold any puppies without a deposit. I will, however, put your chosen puppy as "PENDING" for  the maximum of 2 days IF you are serious about purchasing and have plans to send a deposit. If you are undecided or need to discuss it with your significant other/family, I CANNOT promise your chosen puppy will still be available when you are ready to put a deposit down. This means, PLEASE discuss purchasing a puppy with your significant other/family AHEAD OF TIME!  If I do not receive a deposit within those two days, "PENDING" status will be removed and that puppy will be offered back for sale to the public. Deposit MUST be IN HAND for me to hold any puppies. ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!!! However, they will be applied to the full price of the puppy. Deposits are $200 and will NOT be refunded if you later decide you no longer want the puppy, so BE SURE you are SERIOUS about purchasing this puppy before you place a deposit! If you put a deposit on a puppy and then later on can't pay for it, NO REFUND. If you place a deposit on a puppy and that puppy contracts a life threatening illness or dies, you will have the option of a refund or applying your deposit to another puppy available. If you choose to apply your deposit to another puppy, that will be your puppy! If there are no currently available puppies to choose from, you can wait for future litters, or get a refund.

Once deposit is received, your chosen puppy will be marked as SOLD! I will give you a receipt of deposit once the deposit is in hand. You can either make payments until your puppy is 10 weeks old, or pay the rest in full before shipping time or pick up. ALL Puppies MUST be paid in full by 10 weeks old, NO EXCEPTIONS!* I will NOT hold ANY puppies past 10 weeks old.  If you need your puppy held past 10 weeks old, there is a boarding fee of $5 per day and ANY AND ALL vet visits/check ups will be YOUR responsibility! Which means, if your puppy gets sick and I am boarding them past 10 weeks old, YOU ARE RESPONSIBILE FOR ALL VET FEES, BOARDING FEES and such fees that are involved. The moment your puppy is PAID IN FULL, he/she becomes YOURS, therefore, YOUR responsibility! If your puppy is paid in full and I am boarding them past 10 weeks old and your puppy NEEDS to see a vet, you MUST pay for that vet visit... if you refuse, you will not receive the puppy until the vet fees are paid for in full. If you refuse that, you will then forfeit ALL moneys paid plus the puppy.
*If the puppy is 10 weeks old when you purchase, I will allow 2 additional weeks to get your puppy paid off and shipped out or picked up. After the 2 weeks is up, boarding fees will be charged, $5 a day.

Shipping or Pick Up
Once your puppy is paid in full and ready to go, you can either set up a day to come pick up your puppy, or have your puppy shipped. There are two options with shipping, Nanny or Cargo. Nanny prices change, but as of now, they charge $300-$375 and that is due at the time of pick up from the airport. You pay the Nanny directly. If you choose Cargo, that is $350 and is due BEFORE the puppy is shipped. The $350 includes the actual shipping charge, the crate, the vet visit and the health certificate needed to ship the puppy. The time between pick up or shipping, I WILL NOT charge a boarding fee. Sometimes, our schedules cannot allow us to do certain things and that is understandable. We will both agree on a date for shipping or pick up.  Also, if using a Nanny, sometimes the Nanny needs a couple weeks to schedule your puppy in for shipment, if that is the case, I will NOT charge a boarding fee.

Health Guarantee and After Purchase Support
Once you get your puppy, please take them into the vet for a check up. My health guarantee is ONLY valid if you get them into the vet within a certain amount of time!  CALL ME if you have ANY questions about your new puppy, or any concerns. I am HERE for the LIFE of that puppy, no matter what! I prefer my puppy buyers to keep in contact and give updates. I love my puppies and would like to see them grow up happy and strong in their new homes! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!